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Desktop dining rules: No boiled eggs or tinned fish

Desktop dining rules: No boiled eggs or tinned fish

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No eggs, tinned fish or crunchy Twiglets", were some of the responses I got on social networking site LinkedIn when I asked whether there were any workplace rules for what you could or could not eat at your desk.

It was the waft of chicken korma that had got me wondering. A weekly special from the BBC canteen, it's a popular lunch in our office. Most eat it at their desk; the pungent smell drifting slowly through the air.

Sandwiches, soup, crisps or even a quick biscuit snack... desktop dining is something most of us have done. Either you're too busy to take a break or want people to think you're too important to step away.

The inevitable keyboard crumbs, audible crunching and often powerful odours are enough to wind up even the most easygoing of colleagues.

There are rarely official rules for what you can or cannot eat whilst sitting at your desk. Should firms get tougher on noisy al desko diners? And should we really be eating at our desks anyway?

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