2024TMTS 台湾国际机床展

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2024TMTS 台湾国际机床展

2024TMTS 台湾国际机床展
Taiwan International Machine Tool Show
Date:27-31 MAR 2024
Contact Person:0086-13375869766
MRCM Booth:N0025

MRCM DRILL GRINDER is a specialized tool grinder designed for sharpening drill bits. With this machine, various types of drills can be precisely and effectively sharpened, including spiral, cone, crown, etc.

MRCM DRILL GRINDER is equipped with an advanced grinding system that allows for grinding both cutting edges and drill guide edges. The machine also has an automatic centering function, which allows for perfect positioning of the drill relative to the grinding wheel.

MRCM DRILL GRINDER is also a very user-friendly machine, allowing for quick and efficient sharpening of drills without the need for specialized knowledge or training. Its compact design makes it easy to use in various settings, including workshops and factories. The machine is also known for its durability and long service life, making it a popular choice for professionals who require high-quality tools for their work.

“MRCM do NOT have any MOQ requirement. We can send a sample model to you for quality check and test within 72hours. It's ALL FREE ! ”