still about how to use the end mill grinder

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This grinding operation step is only applicable to general milling cutter grinding machines.
Fixture positioning
 Not suitable for ball mills.
Assembly of milling cutter holder
Select collet fixed collet nut, milling cutter, collet, collet holder, grinding collet, select collet suitable, put collet into collet holder at 45 °, insert 3 cutter and 1 barrel Clip and chuck seat, 4 fixed chuck nuts.
Positioning of milling cutter holders
A The fixed chuck nut is placed in the hole of the length positioning seat, and it is fully clockwise and rotated to the right after positioning. After inserting the end of the B-end milling cutter at the bottom, gently push it to the right to lock it in place. C The chuck seat turns to the bottom to lock to the right. D When removing, hold the chuck nut slightly to the left and remove it. E Observe whether the milling cutter is parallel to the chuck seat. If it is not parallel, reposition it.
Adjustable center clearance angle grinding
Insert the milling cutter holder into the hole in the center clearance angle grinding seat and gently push it to the bottom grinding until the grinding sound is stationary. The adjustable center rotation can be adjusted according to the usage of the milling cutter. For example, the end-mill milling method that passes through the center point can grind 2 blades, 3 blades need to rotate left and right, 4 blades and 6 blades do not need to rotate.
Second relief angle grinding
Insert the milling cutter holder into the hole of the second clearance grinding seat and push it gently until the grinding is stopped. The grinding sound is taken out at rest, and then rotated 180 ° or 90 ° until the sound is silent.
Second clearance angle
Second clearance angle
Grinding of end face
Before grinding, please return the E scale knob back to the original point, and then advance to the appropriate grinding amount. The switch light will turn on and the motor will turn on and off. Place the milling cutter holder in the hole of the angle grinding seat on the end face. , Gently push the bottom grinding until the grinding sound is still out, then rotate 180 ° or 90 ° in the same way until it is silent.
Grinding of the side edge of a milling cutter
First adjust the length that the milling cutter needs to be ground, put it into the bearing group, and adjust the back angle of the cutting edge by fine adjustment according to the gap. Turn on the grinding wheel and adjust the size of the dragboard. The second trimming of the outer edge of the milling cutter was started.
Cleaning and maintenance
Please use the air pressure gun before and after the user to clean all the iron dust on the machine.
Replace the wheel
, Especially the cleaning of grinding contact holes to ensure the life of the machine.
The correct way to replace the grinding wheel:
Loosen the fixing screw, open the protective cover of the grinding wheel, remove the grinding wheel fixing screw and fan blade, remove the grinding wheel, wipe the contact surface between the grinding wheel and the shaft clean, install the new wheel into the shaft, install the fan blade and the fixing screw back, then fix The screws are locked tightly, and the protective cover of the grinding wheel is replaced, and the housing fixing screws are locked to complete the operation.

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