Universal cutting machine

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The universal sharpener can be used to grind all kinds of high-speed steel and hard alloy engraving tools and single-sided or multi-sided tools that are similar to rounded corners or reverse taper angles. The grinding indexing head can be operated in 24 positions to facilitate the grinding of any angle and shape. Only the accessories on the indexing head need to be replaced without any complicated steps. Grinding of cutters and ball end mills.

Since it is known as a universal knife sharpener, its function is bound to be powerful. Its flexible and changeable grinding method mainly lies in different types of accessories on the indexing head. Select different accessories to grind different hardware tools.
Turning tool grinding accessories:
High-speed steel and carbide tools can be fixed on the accessory. The tool must be replaceable by the accessory sector. Its task is to clamp the tool in the center of the accessory and maintain the required height.

Grinding accessories for end mills:
For end mill grinding, it is necessary to bring a release device to turn the attachment to the required angle. The guide rod is horizontally translated and positioned according to the diameter of the end mill.
Other special accessories:
Bit grinder, white corundum grinding wheel.

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