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The installation and maintenance of magnetic drill are divided into two parts
With the rapid development of magnetic drills, the degree of intelligence will become higher and higher, and operators must understand their installation, maintenance, and repair.
A magnetic drill installation and maintenance.
The maintenance of the magnetic drill is a part that every customer must master. The magnetic drill does not pay attention to maintenance, which will seriously affect the life of the magnetic drill and the drilling accuracy. First, reduce the installation of the magnetic drill bit.
1. Install the drill bit: When installing the drill bit and drill collar with keyless converter, pay attention to ensure that the drill bit is installed correctly. Use your left hand to screw the quick change drill collar counterclockwise to the end, and use your right hand to align the drill bit vertically with the quick change. The hole of the drill collar is pushed up to the end, and then the drill is gently rotated with the right hand until it hears a "click", which proves that the drill bit is installed correctly. If you need to remove the drill bit, use your left hand to change the quick-change drill collar to the end. Turn it counterclockwise to the end and pull the drill straight out with your right hand.
2. Adjusting the tightness of the feed: After using for a period of time, if you find that the feed of the drill is not controlled by the handle and slides directly, open the iron cover and use an allen wrench to tighten the handle's allen nut.
3. Overload: If the machine is overloaded for more than 10-16 seconds, the machine will automatically shut down. At this time, the motor switch can be turned off first, and the motor switch can be turned on again to work normally. Similarly, if the power is interrupted during the use of the machine, after the call is turned off, the motor switch is turned off and the motor switch is turned on again to resume normal work.
4. Feeding: Please slow down the speed when drilling and feeding. After the drill bit is completely eaten, speed up the feeding. It is best not to turn off the motor during drilling. If the drill is blocked in the hole, turn off the motor and slowly unscrew the drill with a wrench.
5, the use of coolant: when drilling in a plane, please use coolant to cool the bit. Do not use any coolant when drilling on the top or side of the hole to prevent the coolant from flowing into the hollow drill and short-circuiting the machine.

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