gear grinding

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According to the different principles of gear grinding, gear grinding machines are divided into forming grinding wheel grinding machines and forming grinding wheel grinding machines.
1.Characteristics of developed grinding wheel gear grinding machine
The developed tooth grinding method is a tooth grinding method based on the principle of intermeshing cutting. The requirements of the grinding method on the grinding wheel are simple. When grinding the same module gear, only the same grinding wheel is required, and the dressing of the grinding wheel is not high. Therefore, the development of the grinding gear has been fully developed, and a variety of forms have been developed. Products.
Among the developed grinding wheel gear grinding machines, the worm wheel grinding machine is the most widely used. Its processing principle is similar to that of a gear hobbing machine. A worm-shaped grinding wheel continuously meshes with the gear to form an involute shape of the gear teeth. This method is one of the more efficient methods in the gear grinding process. It has the highest efficiency and is widely used in the batch grinding of small and medium modulus gears.
2.Characteristics of grinding wheel gear grinding machine
The profile grinding wheel grinding method is a grinding method based on the principle of forming machining, which uses a grinding wheel with a specific profile to grind gears. The profile grinding method is mostly used for the processing of gears with large diameter, large modulus and few teeth. With the rapid development of modern numerical control technology, the advantages of forming grinding wheel grinding machines and forming grinding wheel grinding machines are becoming more and more obvious, mainly as follows:
(1) Easy to operate and adjust. The machine tool has no movement, simple structure, and more convenient control and adjustment.
(2) High efficiency. The contact area of ​​grinding wheel grinding is larger than that of forming grinding, and the grinding amount per unit time is greatly increased. At the same time, deep-cut slow-feed and powerful cooling technology are used to reduce the number of rough grindings and further improve the grinding efficiency while reducing the probability of grinding burns.
(3) High grinding accuracy and good stability. The movement of the machine tool is relatively simple, so the movement is stable without impact. The servo control system and position detection technology adopted by the CNC forming wheel gear grinding machine have greatly improved the machine's motion accuracy. The use of NC grinding wheel dressing technology and machine-in-machine inspection technology effectively guarantees the grinding accuracy of the grinding wheel gear grinding machine. At present, the precision of shaped grinding can reach 2 to 1 level, and it is stable at 3 level.
(4) Wide application range. The use of the NC grinding wheel dressing technology enables the shaping and grinding of the gear to be easily realized. Equipped with corresponding software, various special tooth shapes can be ground, such as spline teeth, arc teeth, cycloid teeth, etc. As the advantages of forming wheel grinding machines gradually emerge, since the end of the 20th century, forming wheel grinding machines have been fully developed.

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