Top 10 real estate companies in China

MRCM News / 2020-04-07 / Hits(2028)

The average total assets of China's top 500 real estate companies in 2019 hit 71.15 billion yuan ($10.06 billion), increasing 197.9 percent from a year earlier, but the growth rate dropped 8.33 percentage points, according to the latest industry report jointly released by the China Real Estate Association and E-house China R&D Institute.

The average net assets of these companies reached 15.17 billion yuan, rising 16.13 percent year-on-year while growth fell 5.01 percentage points.

The report pointed out the asset size of the top 500 companies has continued to show an upward trend, but the growth rate has seen a notable slide.

Last year, sales for these companies broke through 10 trillion yuan, up 7.14 percent year-on-year, with sold space close to 750 million square meters, growing 4.67 percent year-on-year.

The number of companies in 2019 with a value surpassing 100 billion yuan jumped to 34, four more compared to the previous year.

Moreover, average net profits for the top 500 companies hit 1.24 billion yuan last year, increasing 28.01 percent year-on-year with the growth rate up 0.29 percent from a year earlier.

Now, let's take a look at the top 10 real estate firms among the 500 companies.

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