Tapping machine

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The electric tapping machine is an internal thread tapping machine that can perform forward and reverse tightening connection threads, transmission connection threads and pipe threads of various small and large steel parts with coarse, fine and non-standard pitch This type of machine tool belongs to the category of flexible tapping, and the salient feature is that it can be operated with folded arms to meet the requirements of thread tapping below M42.
The electric tapping machine can feed ultra-deep holes more than 5 times the diameter of the tap at one time, and it can tap the maximum M42 threaded hole, which is efficient and labor-saving.
The electric tapping machine has a working radius of up to 2000mm and can meet most thread processing requirements.
The electric tapping machine has an advanced flexible tapping system, which makes blind tapping difficult to damage the tap and ensures the processing of high-quality threaded holes.
The intelligent protection system for the tapping process of the electric tapping machine can monitor and protect the equipment in real time, reminding the user to optimize and improve the tapping process.
The electric tapping machine is equipped with a depth control system, tapping → to preset depth → stop → reverse, easily solve the problem of blind hole tapping and depth control.
(1) Stable torque and long life
(2) Repeated positioning is fast, cutting speed is fast, and production efficiency is high;
(3) The safety torque collet ensures less damage to the tap; the taps of the through and blind holes are constant, and the tapping accuracy is high;
(4) Large range of work activities, no need to move heavy workpieces;
(5) Simple operation, light weight, high efficiency, low work intensity, suitable for various light and heavy operations.
(6) Universal positioning for horizontal tapping.
(7) With automatic lubricating function, it can realize the automatic ejection of tapping oil, automatically lubricate the taps, and realize the threaded buckle, with higher efficiency.
(8) The verticality error of the fuselage is <0.05mm.
Composition structure
The electric tapping machine is composed of the following parts:
1.Servo motor: Drive the control object by converting the voltage signal into torque and speed
2.Controller: power control and torque overload protection
3.Display: speed adjustment of feed and return wire
4. Tap Torque Protection Chuck: Adjust the size of the chuck's torque, the wire tapped to the bottom of the blind hole to exceed its torque, slip protection
5.Bracket: height adjustable, tapping at any position within the operating radius
6.The body is equipped with a lifting mechanism to increase the Z axis of the spindle by 120mm

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