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The drill bit grinder is a machine for industrial drill bit grinding. The drill bit that is not sharp due to wear and tear during use can be ground and repaired to meet the needs of refurbishment. Depending on the material of the drill, different grinding wheels are used to meet the repair requirements. CBN grinding wheel grinding high-speed steel material, SDC grinding wheel grinding alloy tungsten steel material. According to the number of drill bits, different chuck groups such as 2 blades, 3 blades and 4 blades are standard. In general, bit grinders are most commonly used for grinding and repairing twist drills. According to the different models of drill bit grinders, the diameter of the drill bit to be ground is also different, and it is necessary to configure collets with corresponding diameters to achieve the purpose of precise grinding.
The drill bit grinder is generally considered to be a portable drill bit grinder (that is, a fool drill bit grinder). Others include woodworking drill bit grinders, sheet drill bit grinders, group drill bit grinders, step drill bit grinders, and left bit grinders. , Compound drill grinder, universal drill sharpener. According to the different functions, it is different from the fool drill grinder. Among them, the universal drill bit sharpener requires special grinding technology.

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