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                                                              MR-R200 PORTABLE CHAMFER MACHINE
MR-R200 Portable Powerful Chamfering Machine is suitable for chamfering of inconvenient workpieces, molds, mold bases, sheet metal processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, etc. Manufacturing and other industries, it is a good helper for the mold and machinery manufacturing industries.

                                        Technical Features OF MR-R200 PORTABLE CHAMFER MACHINE
1. This portable powerful chamfering machine is suitable for large workpieces without thermal treatment, such as chamfering of various types of molds and mechanical parts. The chamfer has a precise finish.
2. Aluminum, iron and metal parts of any length can be easily chamfered.
3. When operating, place the slide rail against the workpiece and cut in the direction indicated by the arrow.
4. Square-edged tungsten steel blade 12.7×3.18 is easy to replace.
5. The slide rail is made of high-quality die steel after heat treatment, which is durable.
6. The operation is simple, the chamfering is regular, the adjustment is convenient, the economy is reliable, and the efficiency is 10-15 times that of the traditional equipment. (The use of fast machine chamfering is the trend of the development of the machinery industry)

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