How to operate Electric Tapping Machine

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How to operate Electric Tapping Machine

How to operate Electric Tapping Machine
Electric Tapping Machine Operation
After the power is turned on, turn on the power controller, set the tapping speed, press and hold the forward rotation, the servo motor will convert the voltage signal into torque and speed output for tapping operation, tap the bottom and press the reverse button to withdraw the thread. The power wire has high precision, and the pass and stop gauge can be detected.
industrial tapping threading machine

composition structure of high quality tapping machine
The electric tapping machine consists of the following parts:
1. Servo motor: converts the voltage signal into torque and speed to drive the control object
2. Controller: power control and torque overload protection
3. Display screen: control and adjustment of wire feed and withdrawal speed
4. Tap torque protection chuck: adjust the size of the chuck torque, tap the bottom of the blind hole to exceed its torque, slip protection
5. Bracket: height can be adjusted up and down, tapping at any position within the operating radius
6. The fuselage is equipped with a lifting mechanism, which can increase the Z axis of the main shaft by 120mm

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