Basic knowledge of the use of MRCM drill

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Basic knowledge of the use of MRCM drill

Basic knowledge of the use of drill bits
drill bit

1. The twist drill should be installed in the box body to prevent vibration and impact.
2. During application, the drill bit removed from the packing wooden box should be loaded into the spindle bearing pliers or tool holder to replace the drill bit automatically. Put it back in the box after use.
3. When measuring the twist drill accurately and accurately, non-contact testing instruments such as CNC blade optical microscope should be used to avoid the drill blade being scratched and the pedal detector.
4. Some CNC machine tool drilling machines do not use positioning rings for positioning of some CNC machine tool drilling machines. For example, the positioning ring should be used to install and locate the depth. If the positioning ring is not used to adjust the length of the same multi-spindle planer on the spindle, the twist drill is not used. Keep this in mind to make every spindle drill team deep consistent. If they are inconsistent, the drill bit may burrow into the table, or fail to penetrate the substrate and be discarded.
5. Generally, a 40 times stereo microscope can be used to check the damage of the twist drill blade.
6. Check the concentric of the spindle bearing and the spring fixture and the clamping force of the spring fixture. If the concentric is not good, the twist drill is broken and the small diameter is large.
7. The maintenance length of the twist drill with the fixed rod on the spring-yellow hydraulic chuck is 45 times the diameter of the clamped shank.
8. Always check the spindle presser foot. The surface of the presser foot should be flat, not a roller bearing.
9. The vacuuming effect of the planer is good. The vacuuming wind reduces the temperature of the twist drill, and friends bring the smoke and dust to reduce friction and cause high temperature.
10. The above-mentioned base steel plate stack includes the left and right gaskets that need to be accurately positioned and leveled when the hole-to-groove positioning system on the table is in operation. When applying tape, it is important to avoid the drill bit making the cut stick to the tape, unable to discharge to cut, or the drill bit breaking.
11. In order to purchase the manufacturer's twist drills, 4% of the twist drills should be sampled and inspected when they enter the processing plant. 100% of them were examined with a light microscope.
12. Immediate regrinding of the drill bit can increase the application and regrinding frequency of the drill bit, increase the service life of the drill bit, and reduce production costs and expenses. The damage depth of the 2 critical trimming edges should be less than 0.2mm. When regrinding, 0.25mm should be removed. A traditional fixed-rod drill can be re-bake three times and shovel-cut two times. Drilling crews that cut too much may have reduced quality and precision, which will stop the useful life of the PCB. Excessive tumbling can be counterproductive.
13. When the diameter of the twist drill is reduced by 2% due to wear, the wear diameter is reduced by 2%.
14. Generally speaking, the manufacturer presents the performance parameters of ROP and ROP produced by a processing plant, and this parameter is only for reference.

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