Permanent magnet lifter(1)

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Permanent magnet lifter(1)

Permanent magnet lifter
Permanent magnet lifter: also known as permanent magnet suction lifter, magnetic crane, magnetic lifter, lifting magnet, lifting permanent magnet, permanent magnet, etc. It has the characteristics of small size, stronger holding force, no electricity, almost zero residual magnetism, and high safety factor.

  1. Main use
Permanent magnet suction cups (also known as permanent magnet suction lifters, permanent magnet lifters) are divided into two types: manual permanent magnet lifters and automatic permanent magnet lifters, using contemporary high-performance Nd-fe-B magnetic material neodymium Iron boron makes it smaller in size, lighter in weight, stronger in holding force, unique magnetic circuit design, and almost zero remanence. The safety factor is high, and the maximum pull-off force is 2.8-4 times of the rated lifting force. The manual type permanent magnet jack handle switch is equipped with a safety button, which can be operated with one hand, which is convenient and safe. Lifting bottom surface "V" groove design. The automatic permanent magnet jack does not require manpower to move the handle. It is absorbed by the lifting control of the lower hook of the electric crane. It can lift the corresponding round steel and steel plate. It does not need electricity and is safe to use. It is widely used in the lifting and handling of steel. Installation and handling of mechanical parts and various molds. It is a lifting tool suitable for lifting and handling of steel plates at room temperature in shipbuilding, construction machinery, automobile and other industries. It is mainly used for the connection with the hoisted workpiece during the hoisting process, (for example: matching with electric chain hoist, electric wire rope hoist, etc.) for moving iron plates, blocks and cylindrical magnetic conductive materials. Easy to operate, safe and reliable, compact and lightweight results. Widely used in factories, docks, warehouses, and transportation industries. Improve the working conditions of loading, unloading and handling operations and improve labor efficiency.
2. Features
1. Small structure, compact shape, easy to operate
2. High-performance permanent magnetic material, no demagnetization
3. No need for electricity or other power support when working
4. Advanced and scientific magnetic circuit balance design, strong holding force, almost zero residual magnetism, safe and reliable
5. The maximum pull-off force is 3.5 times the rated lifting force, and the safety factor is high

3 Scope of application
The permanent magnet chuck is suitable for handling steel plates, iron blocks and cylindrical iron materials. Such as mechanical parts, punch dies and various steel materials. This permanent magnet lifter is a non-power lifting device. The permanent magnet lifter has an advanced structure and is produced in accordance with export standards, and its quality and performance have reached the international advanced level of similar products. Permanent magnet jacks are widely used in machinery industry, mold manufacturing, warehouse and transportation departments to transport magnetically conductive objects such as steel plates and ingots.
4 advantages
1. The permanent magnet lifter adopts computer simulation magnetic circuit design, the magnetic field distribution is reasonable, and the magnetic penetration depth is large.
2. The body of the permanent magnet lifter iron remover is simpler than that of the electromagnetic iron remover, no excitation power supply and no cooling system.
3. The permanent magnet jack saves electricity and saves energy, and has a low failure rate.
4. The permanent magnet jack is easy to operate, safe and reliable in operation.
5. The technical indicators of the permanent magnet jack are in line with the JB/T8711-1998 standard.
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