Permanent magnet lifter(2)

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5 Structure of The permanent magnet lifter
The permanent magnet lifter is composed of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic material to form a strong magnetic system. Through the rotation of the handle, the magnetic force of the strong magnetic system is changed to achieve the holding and release of the workpiece. The upper part of the jack is provided with a lifting ring for lifting objects, and a V-shaped groove is provided at the bottom for holding the corresponding cylindrical objects. The high-performance permanent magnet material used in the permanent magnet lifter is: rare earth permanent magnet-NdFeB as the magnetic source, which has the characteristics of no power consumption, strong suction, low remanence, easy operation, long life, safety and reliability, etc. The product structure Advanced, organize production according to export standards, and the quality and performance have reached the international advanced level of similar products. It is widely used in the machinery industry, mold manufacturing, warehouse and transportation departments to transport magnetically conductive objects such as steel plates and ingots.
6 How it works
The working principle of the permanent magnet lifter is based on Faraday's electromagnetic induction principle. The internal use of high-performance permanent magnetic material neodymium borax can generate a strong suction force in the magnetic circuit, and change the magnetic line of force by turning the handle to make the jack work or close; no external power supply is required, which is a safe, energy-saving and highly efficient of new lifting tools.
When the jack is in working state, the suction and lifting surface at the bottom of the jack forms a pair of longitudinal magnetic poles, which firmly sucks the workpiece of iron material, and there is a V-shaped groove on the bottom surface, so it can not only suck and lift the plate shape It can also suck and lift cylindrical workpieces. Therefore, the lifter has strict requirements on the thickness and area of the plate.
7 How to use
1. When hoisting, first clean the surface of the workpiece to be hoisted. If there is rust and thorns, it should be cleaned. The center line of the permanent magnet jack should preferably coincide with the center of gravity of the workpiece, then place the jack on the working plane, and rotate the handle from the "-" position to the "+" direction to the limit pin. Check whether the security inclined block of the handle is automatically locked, and then lift it.
2. When the workpiece is lifted, it is strictly forbidden to overload, and it is strictly forbidden for the human body to pass under the workpiece. The temperature of the workpiece to be lifted and the ambient temperature are not greater than 80 degrees, and there is no severe vibration and impact.
3. When lifting the cylindrical workpiece, the contact angle between the B-shaped groove and the workpiece should be kept as two straight lines, so its lifting capacity is only 30%-50% of the rated lifting capacity.
4. After the lifting is completed, press the handle button inward, and the security key on the handle is separated from the security pin. The handle is rotated from the "+" to the "-" direction to the limit pin. Keep the jack in a closed state, and disengage the workpiece from the jack.
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