MR-6X End Mill Re-sharpener




Size and specification of cutter grinder
1.Scope of end mill: 50mm (stem)225mm (excircle)250mm (length)
2.Rotary diameter of table: 245mm
3. Horizontal stroke of table (X axis): 150mm
4.Longitudinal stroke of table (Y axis) : 75mm
5.Maximum stroke of motor in working table150mm
6.Bowl shape wheel (maximum) 125mmX52mmX32mm.
7.Motor 220V, 2 phase0. 25KW, 2800rpm 50HZ. 
8. Angle adjustment range of grinding head: +35° -5°
9.Air bearing rotation angle: 360°.
10.Air bearing stroke: 250mm. 
11.Table horizontal feed scale: 0.02mm. 
1.Inner sleeve of air bearing: stainless steel
2.Air bearing housing: aluminum
3.Air bearing sleeve: 45# steel
4.Gross weight: 220 pounds, net weight: 160 pounds
5.Table: dovetail fit, trim adjustment
6.Air supply pressure≥0. 63mpa
end mill re-sharpener
cutter machine


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