Super Permanent Magnet Sucker 12*12




Super permanent magnet sucker for CNC machining centers, precision milling machine milling, disk does not need power, even if the long-term use will not heat. The precision of the disk itself is high, the accuracy of the workpiece is fully protected, because the suction workpiece without power, even if a sudden power failure, the workpiece will not move, to avoid unnecessary losses. For heavy cutting, the workpiece area is not less than 100x100x thick 2mm, the effect is particularly evident. Such as less than this area, the disk can also hold, but can not achieve the best results, unique magnetic circuit design, so that the suction is very strong, uniform, high-performance high-quality magnet, to ensure long-term stability of suction, suction greater than 280N / CM2. Magnetic pole into a square, the magnetic flux perpendicular to each other, dense intertwined, evenly penetrate into the bottom of the workpiece, shallow and dense magnetic circuit, can be strong to hold more than 2mm thin plate parts for milling.
High-precision workpiece processing, product processing, mold processing.

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