MPL MC Times To Pressurize The Vise




product advantages
1.Precision times to boost the design, easy to operate, suitable for heavy cutting use.
2.The body and the fixed tiger's mouth as a whole forming, clamping the workpiece can reduce the fixed tiger's mouth tilt backward.
Velvet body sliding surface are hardening treatment, hardness of HRC50 or more, can guarantee long-term wear.
(1) When clamping the workpiece to be appropriate, can only use the hand plate tight handle, not with other tools afterburner.
(2) strong operation, should try to force the fixed jaw.
(3) Do not hit the job on the jaw and smooth plane.
(4) on the screw, nut and other activities should be regularly cleaned surface, lubrication, to prevent rust.
(5) before using the slider slide down, clamped, hand shake the hand, the vise force hydraulic cylinder inside the exhaust (for a period of time, it is recommended to operate once), and then the slider Push up, take the handle on the oil pressure, generally forward two laps on it. If you are working on a thin piece or if you do not need to press the oil pressure, slide the slider down.
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