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Built-in double vise, is the use of mechanical power structure, no need to refueling can easily lock a machine tool accessories. Vise sliding surface and the bottom, after precision grinding, parallelism precision, vise body using ductile iron FCD60 manufacturing, strong tensile strength, high wear resistance, easy to deformation. Vulner sliding surface heat treatment HRC45 ° or more, to maintain long-term wear and precision. Most suitable for ordinary milling machine, CNC milling machine, machining, mold manufacturing industry use.
1.As long as the hand of a shot, in turn on the two laps on the tons of clamping force.
2.The vise uses high ductile cast iron to prevent deformation.
3.The pressure system only a small force, you can play a strong clamping force.
4.Three clamping range design, can be quickly deformed and easy to operate.
5.Built-in times to increase the pressure vise for general milling machine, CNC vertical integrated processing center machine, the maximum opening can be folder 300mm.
(1) When clamping the workpiece to be appropriate, can only use the hand plate tight handle, not with other tools afterburner.
(2) strong operations, should try to force the fixed body.
(3) Do not hit the job on the jaw and smooth plane.
(4) on the screw, nut and other activities should be regularly cleaned surface, lubrication, to prevent rust.
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