SMC Double Clamping Machine Vise




MC double clamping precision mechanical vise: high power type full precision vise, for vertical and horizontal horizontal machining center, ordinary milling machine, rocker drilling, planer, boring machine, and other mechanical processing.
product advantages
1.Double clamping mechanism, one side can be freely adjusted with the opening range, can do two different sizes of the workpiece at the same time processing
2.On both sides of the work is negative and negative 1.5mm can be automatically eliminated, and both sides of the clamping force are kept the same
3.Bilateral movable jaw design has a corner fixed lock mechanism, to prevent the workpiece floating
4.Strong and powerful material - Velvet body with high tensile tensile graphite cast iron (FCD60 60kgs/mm), (80,000psi) Strong tensile strength, high wear resistance, easy to deformation.
Vices and Clamps
cnc machine vise
vise vertex
pin vise

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